I have been pretty vocal about my lack of faith in both candidates this election. I ultimately made the decision to side with McCain, primarily over my fear of socialization of this country. With the election now over I want to congratulate Obama and his supporters on an extremely well run campaign. I had little doubt that Obama would be our next president, but I didn’t realize how decisive the vote would be.

Election Day 2008

My hope is that Obama leads this country forward in a fair and balanced way, understanding the needs and desires of all citizens. He has a tremendous opportunity to change this country, that change can be accomplished if he remains true to his word and governs as an American, not as a democrat. We need both parties on board working together to pull out of these difficult times.

I stand proud of our country and our new president. I look forward to the end of the war and economic prosperity.

Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy is an American entrepreneur. He is currently the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of IZEA, a technology company that provides software for influencer marketing.


  • Tara says:

    You said “fair and balanced.” Did Robin or Fox pay you to say that?

  • Ted Murphy says:

    Not FOX news style “fair and balanced”. Real fair and balanced.

  • alexis says:

    i admire your respect and new-found support for a candidate who you didn’t vote for.

    i have noticed that many McCain supporters are already bitter and unwilling to accept Obama’s win nor wait to give him a chance at running our country before they pass judgement. i think it’s sad and unfair. (also demonstrated by the booing crowd during McCain’s concession speech, which i thought was well-done, reverant and classy.)

    props for being a mature, respectful, and patriotic American! not that i would have expected less… 😉

  • Ted Murphy says:

    I thought McCain’s speech was awesome that night (so was Obama’s). That may have been McCain’s best speech of his entire campaign, it was the first time he looked relaxed.

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